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There are links to my guestbooks on every page. Why? Because I want to hear from you!

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If you would like to view the archived guestbook entries, they are below.  The highest numbers in the frameset are the most recent entries.

Here are the Top Ten Reasons
Why You Should Sign My Guestbook

10. Because I want you to.
9. Because Lpage wants you to.
8. Because it's good "netiquette".
7. Because Lpage wants to make Toast and Dreambook jealous.
6. Sometimes I respond to entries in my guestbook and the goofier you sign it, the better my response is!
5. I need more fodder for the gristmill.
4. Because I want to be on David Letterman's "Stupid Guestbook Tricks".
3. The goal is to be entered in the Guinness Book of Records for "Most Guestbook Entries in the World".
2. So I can brag: "Everybody who visits me, signs my guestbook!"

And the NUMBER ONE reason why you should sign my guestbook is that I'll know who came to visit me and then I'll be able to visit you and sign your guestbook!!! Silly!