Terms of Use for Robin's Graphics


Terms of Use for Robin's Graphics

Welcome to the free graphics portion of my site. There are a lot of different possible designs awaiting your homepage (or commercial site) in here. I offer backgrounds, theme sets, bars, buttons, some animations, psychedelics, custom designs and website development for small businesses.

Please read carefully BEFORE entering graphics site:

  1. Downloading my graphics means you agree to the Terms of Use.

  2. My graphics are "Link-Ware". The concept of "link-ware" is simple:
    If you use them, you give a link back to my site,
    via a matching logo button on the bottom of each page that you use my images on.

    Homepages, Educational sites AND Commercial Sites many use my Linkware Graphics.

  3. Please, NO ALTERING of my graphics, with the exception of adding text to link buttons and banners. Contact me to discuss specific needs for customized graphics.

  4. Pornographic sites please refrain from using my graphics.

  5. DO NOT Include Robin's Graphic Images In Another Collection or Archive. They are watermarked, copyright protected and legal action can be taken if you do.

  6. Please register to use/borrow my graphics --by filling out the forms on the sets pages, or by emailing me or leave a message in my guestbook. Registering does NOT mean monetary payment. It merely means I want to know who is using and where they are located, that's all.

    If you like my style enough to use my original graphics, please be kind enough to let me know. I will give a link back to your site on my Graphics Users Showcase page.

  7. After all these rules and words, the bottom line is this:
    Link the graphics back here and tell me. And to all those special people who have linked back properly, "Thank-you very much!" and "have fun" visiting my graphics section.

Due to excessive bandwidth use, which is caused by people linking directly to the graphics on my server, I have put my graphics collection in a password protected directory. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for taking the time to read the terms
before entering the graphics section.

The passwords:
lowercase only

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