The Feel,  The Fads, The Era,
--The 70's!

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show
...another one of my 70's addictions!

cap center tickets

In case you can't read these tickets,
I saw The Who (76'), The Beach Boys (75')
and Aerosmith (77') for $7.75 at the
Cap Centre, Landover, MD!

Boo hoo.   Dec. 16, 2002  :(
Cap Centre Destroyed!

Fast Facts about the 70's.

Each year there are hundreds of confirmed
cases of Legionnaire's Disease, which was first
identified in 1976 when 29 people attending an
American Legion convention in Philadelphia died.

Did you know that the 70's was the advent
of the jumbo jet, VCR's and tennis as a
major spectator sport?

Which came first? Ray Steven's song;
"The Streak" or the actual streakers themselves?

This is the famous "hat picture". UK - 74'.

Who remembers Fire Sign Theatre?

Books I remember from the 70's:

  • Go ask Alice (also a movie, starring
    William Shatner - 1972)

  • The Outsiders, SE Hinton

  • Be Here Now, by Ram Dass

  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach

  • "Siddhartha" by Hermann Hesse

  • The Prophet, Carlos Casteneda

  • "The Happy Hooker" by Xaviera Hollander (!)

  • "Sweet Savage Love" by Rosemary Rogers

  • Sylvia Plath's "The Bell Jar"

  • "Fear of Flying" by Erica Jong.

PassagesApril 2001
"Happy Face" creator H.R. BALL, 79, who gave the world the smiling, yellow visage known as the "Happy Face," has died of liver failure. He saw his creation come into being in 1963, when he was working for a Massachusetts ad agency and one of its clients, an insurance company in the middle of a merger, asked him to come up with a way to soothe employees. He claimed to have been paid only $45 for the drawing, which he never trademarked. The logo has appeared on millions of items ever since, including a U.S. postage stamp.
(From People Magazine)
More info here:
U.S. creator frowns at Frenchman's trademark

Bob Marley
This beautiful piece of artwork of
Bob Marley was created by Kerstien M. of Sweden.
Please visit her site to see more hand drawn
images of pop icons.
(Photo is shown here by permission.)

Wolfman Jack! There are many sites
devoted to Jack. After listening to him for years,
we finally saw what he looked
like in American Graffiti in 1974.

Going to a 70s party?
70s Costumes!

I came across your site by chance when looking for some 70's pop art on google. My father was a QB at the University of Maryland in the 60's and was considered a very sharp dresser in the 70's when he played in the NFL and WFL.

I enclosed a photo taken of us in 1971, I think you will get a nice laugh out of this. He was playing in the CFL and all the black players had the kind of suits they wore in the film Superfly. My father had some custom made for himself and used to wear them all over town, even to the grocery store. NFL Films actually used this photo in one of their movies because it just summed up what a player from the 70's dressed like if he was cool.
Take care,
Jimmy Corcoran

Drum roll please.....

....From a box in my closet that I haven't opened for at least fifteen years...I found and now present to you:

...a picture of my "Pet Rock" training Guide!

pet rock training guide

Bad Stuff that happened in the 70's

  • Viet Nam

  • Watergate

  • Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant

  • Gas Shortages

  • Kent State University
    4 Students killed in a protest by the National Guard

  • Reverend Jim Jones Cult
    Mass Suicide at Jonestown Guyana

  • Israeli Olympians killed

  • Elvis Presley Dies in 1977.

Dr. Sholls

We Wore:
Peasant Tops (early 70's) , Chain belts, Pea coats, Tight Levi Jeans, Jeans with fringe around the bottom, Over Alls, Elephant Bells, Painter Pants, Platform Shoes, Earth Shoes, Desert Boots, Clogs, Dr. Sholls, cheap Flip Flops, Army Jackets, Black High-Tops. Loves Baby Soft Perfume, Bonnie Bell Cosmetics, Watermelon and Bubble Gum Lip Gloss. Heaven Sent Perfume. Guys wore English Leather and ? Mid 70's: Halter Tops, Tube Tops, Thin plucked eye brows. Mirrored Sunglasses. Shag hair cuts. We called our bangs 'wings', as in "Gotta get my wings cut". Bad hair day? No problem, just wear a bandana. Farrah's style was all the rage.

Dorky Clothes: Polyester Suits and Leisure Suits.

It is only fitting that I should end this page with this:

These platforms shoes were my favorites back in 1976. My mother's boyfriend (now husband) Rick, was a professional photographer. I can still hear him in my head saying: "Rob, how can you walk in those things!"

A big "thank you" to Rick for taking the pic and memorializing this uber snap shot of the 70's.

Sign of the Times:

The $100,000 bar came out

Field Parties!


Far Out, Man!

Flower Power

What's up, Dude?

Sit on it!

Que Pasa?

Say What?!

Right On!




Keep on Truckin'

Groooovy, Man

At Rock Concerts,
everyone lighting
a match.

Shag hair cuts

Shag Carpeting

Platform Shoes

Avocado green
& harvest gold

Bean Bag chairs

Stridex pads and

Using "sealing

Using Sun-in on
your hair


Powdered hair
cleaner called
Pssssssst! (Made
your hair dirtier)

Debut of Nacho Cheese Doritos

Guys wore long




Deep Throat


Dorothy Hamil

Pet Rocks

Mood Rings


Hey, Foxy Lady!

George Carlin

The Weiner

Black Power

Black Panthers

Civil Rights

Womens Lib

Gloria Steinem

Roe V Wade

Billie Jean King

Helen Reddy, I am Woman

Tiger Beat & 16 Magazine

Sun tanning lotion
that turned you


Farrah Fawcett

Don Kirchner's
Rock Concert


Nothing Books,
Wanna make
something of it?

Wolfman Jack
Vinyl Records!
8- Track Tapes


Drugs, Sex and
Rock 'n Roll!!!!

Intro of cassette

CB Radios, that's
a big 10-4!

"Pardy Hardy!"






"Do the Bump"

"Shake your Booty"

Saturday Night Live

Jimmy Carter, a peanut farmer, was president.

Billy Beer

Ding Dong! Avon calling!

Shaklee Vitamins


Howard Cosell

China Syndrome

Casey Kasem

Dick Clark